a project together with the germanrocker KALKOWSKI - LINKEUFER -

a song about the westberlin musiczcene 1980 at the Paul-Linke-Ufer and Morgenrots Cafe`


the CD "Alle Kommen Frei..."

Songs from the Album "Alle kommen frei..." listen to:

"He Klaus" "Meine Süsse"

Bettman and Friends

the musicians:

Bettman - vocals, guitars, keys, drumpr., bass

Thomas Wendel - ac.& e.-guitar

Joey Albrecht - lead-guitar

Andre`Erbherr - lead-guitar

Dion Hope - lead-guitar

Jonny Franco - keyboards

Zam Johnson - drums

Daryl Taylor - bass

Ramani Krishna - bass

Reinhardt Schubert - bass

Wolfram Wahner - keyboards

Helmut Bruger - keyboards

Paul Griessbach - saxophone

"Detroit" Gary Wiggins - saxophone

Paul Schwingenschlögl - trumpet

Kalle Kalkowski – backing Vocals







Risen from dark realms and grown up in the stormy North he soon succumbed to the fascination of making music. He spent his youth singing, playing piano and rock’n roll guitar until he escaped from his parents and the army to West Berlin. Here Bettman had to survive with jobs like gravedigger, roofer or local train driver- In Berlin-Spandau he launched his first band “SHOT GUN”. The band existed for a long time, also known as “Kreuzberg Rolling Stones”, yet split up in 1979. At the beginning of the Eighties he played guitar with the “OUTLAWS”, a political rock band from Berlin-Kreuzberg which followed in the steps of “Ton Steine Scherben”. Then came German New Wave and with it the band “DIE NEUEN MODELLE” in which Bettman played guitar.
After German New Wave went to the dogs, Bettman launched his own second band, called “ALLZEIT-BEREIT”, and successfully toured throughout Germany with this band. At the same time he thrilled his public as rock-DJ, first in the “Ballhaus Spandau”, later in the Kreuzberg rock disco “Bronx”, and worked as roady and stage hand in big venues like Deutschlandhalle and Waldbühne. In the middle of the Eighties Bettman broke up the band “ALLZEIT-BEREIT” and consecrated himself to composing and the work of audio engineering in the studio. He learnt with “Leo Lehr” (guitarist of Interzone and Marius Müller Westernhagen) and in many live concerts to deal with the challenges of audio engineering and producing.
In the Nineties he got involved in the art house „Tacheles“, where he worked as sound engineer; furthermore he played some gigs as bassist for the heavy metal band „ADERLASS“. He produced demos, albums and CDs of other artists and toured all over Europe and the USA as sound engineer with various bands. In 2004 he founded his own label “ALLZEIT MUSIK”.

Bettmans CD with the title: “Alle Kommen Frei...”. is out now 1.1.09

The music can be described as modern, home-made rock’n roll with German texts describing the troubles of everyday life.


...some stuff from my old bands: