neue Musikplaneten im All

1.Sampler von A-Z-M


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1. RICK DERMAN "Eileen" - is an indie rock song in the best singer-songwriter style `a la Tom Petty

2. BETTMAN "Bettmänlied" - is a classic Rock'n Roll title in German (based on the Badman song)

3. JOSHUA "La Tristeza" - is an alternative crossover song of the charismatic Spanish Singer and guitarist

4. REGGI WORTHY "Radio 21" - R`n B-Funk - at it`s best - a solo song by the bassist of Stoppok

5. UNGA-UNGA feat. ANTHONY BAGGETTE "In the Beginning" - this is an electronic poetry jazz song by the Electronic Soundtellers Zam Johnson and Paul Griessbach

6. "Detroit" GARY WIGGINS "Sweet Bossa" - is a title from the November 2004 issue CD "Ballads in a Diplomatic Lounge" by the Berlin-based jazz saxophonist

7. TABOO "Hello Baby" - is smooth jazz at its finest with the Berlin trumpeter Paul Schwingenschlögl and electronic sample specialist Zam Johnson, to the intense voice of Morgana

8. POC A POC "Ambient" - a Goa-Trance Piece by the Berliner guitarist and composer Joey Albrecht in cooperation with the Berlin sound disigner Ivan Duprat

9. PSYLOCAMPO "Sat Blues" - this is not blues but Goa-Trancemusic to take off by the electronicsound composer duo Ivan Duprat and Marlon Klann

10. BED MAN "Voices by the sea" - an atmospheric instrumental piece to dream with a guitar solo of inimitable intensity


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