Lucky P.

CD - Lucky gets Blue

Ulrich „Lucky“ Pfeiffer, born in Berlin in 1951, started with 14, influenced by the Beatles and Rolling Stones, to play guitar and sing. He played in various beat bands and became singer in a choir. In the Seventies he took drum lessons and played for many years as a drummer in the Berlin jazz, blues and soul scene.
After a long musical break he is returning to the stage as a singer and guitarist because, as he says:”…I need music to breathe such as the air and the songs are my children which need care”.

His current program “Love Songs, Soul and Trouble” includes own compositions and a slightly bitter selection of songs of Scottish singer and songwriter Frankie Miller, who is paralysed since a serious stroke and cannot make music anymore.

Whoever likes beautiful rock songs, lyrical soul ballads and simple little dance tunes, will not be disappointed by Lucky’s program, his singing and his straight, rhythmical guitar playing.