Special offer!!!

"Your idea on CD + DVD"


1 song on the computer flat rate for only 100, - € 




this is the Allzeit Music Mastering Studio ... here you can check out the studio equipment

DVD video service:

... create DVD`s and Video CD`s with menu according to your own ideas ...

dubbing of old VHS videos on video CD or DVD incl. editing,

titles and effects Std ...... 30, - €

supported formats DV-Camera, HD, .avi, .mpg, .gif, .jpg, .mov, .wmv, mp4 and others.


The CDs and DVDs are burned, please do not confuse them with pressed CDs and DVDs

pressed is of course possible ... 


...the new allzeit music studio will be in the Rockhaus / Lichtenberg ... opening probably on 1.11.2019