Mesut Ali & Oriental Connection

The new CD "ARARATl" from Mesut Ali   will released on 01.05.2023

later availible on each streamingplatforms

1. CD for Mesut Ali at Allzeit Musik experimental Enterprise


The Turkish composer, drummer and bandleader founded Oriental Connection in Berlin in 1989 and has been commuting between Berlin, Paris and Athens since then and has quickly become a household name in the international jazz scene. Exciting, varied jazz improvisations are his trademark. He follows the artistic path of international understanding with musicians from different countries, continents, cultural circles and overcomes boundaries in musical dialogue. Mesut Ali has appeared in various casts at festivals and clubs across Europe with Okay Temiz, Gerd Dudek, Paul Brody, Felix Wahnschaffe, Ivo Papadov, Souleymane Touré and many more. Orient meets Occident – The creative bridging between European, Latin American and Oriental musical traditions, which always sounds fascinating and reaches unimagined dimensions. The virtuoso rhythms meet the melodies of the Balkans and combine with jazzy improvisations and traditional melodies from the Carpathian basin and the Balkans. The music of the top-class international group is based on odd rhythms such as 5/8, 7/8 or 9/8 and exotic sound structures, whose immense variety surprises and stimulates the audience to dance. A kind of frayed ruby ​​stone that got on a bazaar. The dramaturgy of the wahwah effects, edgy funk riffs, blues-soaked saxophone solos of North American style, as well as calm, passionate ballads leave the impression that there is nothing that would fit better together.


 ??Line-up: Mesut Ali – Drums,  Fuasi Abdul Khaliq – Sax,   Jan von Klewitz – Sa,  Mustafa Sarisin – Bass

 Ulli Bartel – Violin Viviann Incoronta – Belly Dance, Bellyjazz 

Stand-by: Gökhan Arslan – Sax, Clarinet Paul Schwingenschlögl – Trumpet